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Information Technology Department, University of Durrës "Aleksandër Moisiu", Albania, is looking for partners

CApacity BUilding for Integrating GAMe-Based Learning in Education Science Through Teacher Training in Western Balkans Countries

Objective of the project is to develop a joint, accessible and successful system of use of Game-Based Learning (GBL) approach and to build capacities for integrating GBL practices in Education Science and to contribute to the training of university and non-university teachers in Western Balkan countries.

Specific objectives are:

-Representative centres in Western Balkans Partner Countries for GBL and a network including teacher training centres to share innovative practices;

-Online resource base to support Education Science teachers and head management in integrating GBL in classroom teaching and school-based management;

-Handbook on regional guidelines on curriculum framework and standards of GBL infusion by university and non-university teachers

Project outcomes:

-Representative GBL approach advisory centres in WB partner countries

-Online data base, resource and reference tool

-Final conferences in WB partner countries

Samarkand branch Tashkent University of information technology, Uzbekistan, is looking for partners

1. Name of your university/institution/industry or company interested in participating in TEMPUS project:

Samarkand branch Tashkent University of information technology, Uzbekistan.

2. Main field of activities of your institution:

Samarkand branch of Tashkent University of Information Technology was formed on July 23, 2005 in accordance with the President of Republic of Uzbekistan’s order PQ - 91 of June 2, 2005 "About improving the system of preparing cadres within information technologies domain", Ministry of Higher and secondary specialized education of Republic of Uzbekistan’s order 130 of June 14, 2005 "About confirming sample Charter of regional branches of higher education entities" and Uzbekistan Communication and Informatization Agency’s decree 07-8/2015 of July 21, 2005. There is one faculty and five departments in the branch. Informatics and information technologies branch has 30 full time equivalent employees, General education – 24.25, Natural Sciences – 18, Social-Humanitarian sciences – 14.25, Languages and physical education – 11.75.

The branch teaches 1100 bachelor students and 63 master students and has the following majors:

List of partner search proposals from Uzbek universities (as of December 2012)
  1. SM HES: enhancement of  teacher training and retraining  system in Uzbekistan – Prof Uzokboy Begimkulov, Centre of teacher training  under the Ministry  of Higher and Secondary Specialised Education (uzokboy@mail.ru)
  2. CR JP: To develop new curricula to prepare highly qualified nurses - Prof. Iriskulov Bakhtiyar, Tashkent Medical  Academy (biriskulov@yahoo.com)
  3. CR JP: Improvement of education through development of university–industry links at the Tashkent State Institute of Railways Engineers, enhancement of employability opportunities for graduates, Mrs. Xodjimuxavedova Matlyuba, PhD (matlyuba_78@mail.ru)
  4. CR  JP: Curriculum reform on Road (bridge/tunnel) construction engineering/highway engineering, Tashkent Automotive  and Road Institute  -TARI (abduvohid0070@gmail.com)
  5. CR JP: Curriculum reform on automobile transportation based logistics -TARI (email: shgolibm@gmail.com)
  6. CR JP: Curriculum development in vehicle (testing) engineering -TARI (email: qudratq@gmail.com)
  7. CR JP: Curriculum reform on Mechatronics -TARI (email: sanjar.ruzimov@gmail.com)
  8. JP  HES - Improvement of quality of education of lawyers as well as scientific and scientific-and-pedagogical personnel in the sphere of law in accordance with the Bologna principles – Tashkent Institute of Law   - Mrs. Gulnora Tursunova, Head of international relations department (gulnara_tursunova@rambler.ru)
  9. JP GR “Enhancement existing in-services teachers’ training; upgrading of teachers' qualification and sociological profiles ”- Ms Nigora Talipova, Ph.D, Deputy Director of Contemporary History Centre under the Ministry of HSSE (tmarkaz@gmail.com)
  10. 10.  SM GR:  Alumni services / networking development at Uzbek universities as a useful tool for university management and administration even to MHSSE for quality assurance / control, monitoring, collecting feedbacks on educational programs and courses, interacting with employees – Tashkent Institute of  Irrigation  and Melioration - Mr Odil Akbarov (odilxon@yahoo.com)
  11. 11.  SM GR: Formation of national rating system of institutes of higher education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialised Education -MHSSE (nauka@edu.uz)
  12. 12.  SM HES: Creation of educational program of doctoral degree in the Republic of Uzbekistan,  MHSSE (nauka@edu.uz)
  13. 13.  SM HES: Establishing University-industry links via establishing university branch offices in industry sites Mr Tulkin Nurmurodov,  Navoi Mining Institute (t.nurmurodov@gmail.com)
Pryazovskyi State Technical University, Mariupol, Ukraine, is looking for partners

1. State Higher Education Institute “Pryazovskyi State Technical University” www.pstu.edu

2. General information about the university

The university offers graduate programs (Bachelor and Master), post-graduate programs (CandSc and DSc), and professional educational programs for students from the Azov Sea region, Ukraine and other countries.

Forms of training: full-time, distance education, preparatory department.

Fields of training and research include engineering (electrical, mechanical, welding, metallurgical, logistics, environment protection); production automation and computer science; economics; translation studies; social work.

3. Information about the intended TEMPUS project:

Consolidation of Curriculum in Material Science and Development of New Modules to Ensure a Smooth Transfer Between BSc, MSc and PhD Programs in Ukraine (Russia, other NIS countries)

Ternopil National Economic University is looking for partners

1. Name of your university/institution/industry or company interested in participating in TEMPUS project:

Ternopil National Economic University (TNEU)

 2. Main field of activities of your institution:

Today, the TNEU is a multidisciplinary educational complex consisting of three institutes and fourteen Faculties, sixty-eight Departments that train specialists in nine areas, twenty-two specialties and forty-six specializations. The University offers Postgraduate studies in sixteen specialties, and Doctoral studies in four specialties; there are three specialized Academic Boards for Defence of PhD Theses, and two specialized Academic Boards for Defence of Doctoral Theses.

Faculties of TNEU:

• Faculty of Finance;

• Faculty of Banking Business;

• Faculty of Agricultural Economics and Management;

• Faculty of International Business and Management;

• Faculty of Economics and Management;

• Faculty of Accounting and Audit;

• Faculty of Computer and Information Technologies;

• Law Faculty;

• Ukrainian-Dutch Faculty of Economics and Management;

• Ukrainian-German Economic Faculty;

• Faculty of Pre-University, Postgraduate and Masters Training;

• Novovolynsk Faculty;

• Sambir Faculty of Applied Software;

• Kalush Faculty.


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