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Pryazovskyi State Technical University, Mariupol, Ukraine, is looking for partners

1. State Higher Education Institute “Pryazovskyi State Technical University” www.pstu.edu

2. General information about the university

The university offers graduate programs (Bachelor and Master), post-graduate programs (CandSc and DSc), and professional educational programs for students from the Azov Sea region, Ukraine and other countries.

Forms of training: full-time, distance education, preparatory department.

Fields of training and research include engineering (electrical, mechanical, welding, metallurgical, logistics, environment protection); production automation and computer science; economics; translation studies; social work.

3. Information about the intended TEMPUS project:

Consolidation of Curriculum in Material Science and Development of New Modules to Ensure a Smooth Transfer Between BSc, MSc and PhD Programs in Ukraine (Russia, other NIS countries)

4. Project proposal / description

Projected activities:

1. Analysis of the existing curricula (bachelor, master) in Materials Science and in the study programs which belong to this subject area at the universities in Ukraine, Russia and other NIS countries with the aim of their modernization to meet the demands of the employers and the labour market.

2. Development and implementation of new disciplines in Materials Science subject area:

- for bachelors: Resource saving production and economical alloying of materials;

- for masters: Fundamentals of materials and technologies selection; State-of-the-art nanomaterials and nanotechnologies; Application fields and interchangeability of the materials; Advanced technologies for materials strengthening.

3. Development and implementation at the target universities of a new infrastructure for practice-oriented training using the modernized curricula and new disciplines (pp.1,2) – establishing new study laboratories and integration of new software products into the study process on the basis of the experience of European universities.

4. Consolidation and harmonization of curricula and syllabus across master and PhD programs in Materials Science, Metal Science and Heat Treatment of Metals.

5. Implementation at target universities of European system of accumulation of credit points (Credit Transfer System “ECTS”) for modernized and new disciplines. Development and implementation of recommendations on mutual recognition of study periods abroad across the consortium universities to ensure students’ and teachers’ mobility.

6. Development of syllabus (set of course materials) for modernized and new disciplines.

7. Organisation of trainings for target universities representatives.

8. Setting up of a new infrastructure at target universities for enhancing liaison across universities and industrial partners, involving students, graduates, employers into this work.

Previous international experience:

Tempus – Project JEP - 22243-2001 “Aufbau eines europaisch-russisch-ukrainischen Netzwerks zur Forderung des Informations- und Know-How-Transfers im Bereich der wirtschafsmissenschaftlichen Ausbildung von Ingenieuren”

06.2002 – 06.2004 Tempus – IB JEP - 26080-2005

“Vernetzte Entwicklung von Management-Trainings kursen fur den Transport- und Logistiksektor in der Ukraine” (VETLOG).

09.2006 – 03.2009 Tempus – Project JEP - 27115-2006 «Umweltmanagement fur Russland and die Ukraine» (UMRU).

09.2007 – 02.2009


TEMPUS-DE—JPHES - 158739-2009

«Network of E-Learning Training in Tourism (Belarus, Ukraine and Georgia)» (WENET).

01.2010 - 01.2013

 Tempus-1-2010-1-De-Tempus-JPCR - 510920

«Practice-oriented Master programmes in Engineering in Russian, Uzbekistan and Ukraine» (PROMENG).

10.2010 - 10.2013

Please contact: (person, position-mail, skype, tel etc.)

Galina Shendrick, Head of International Projects Department

galina.shendrick@gmail.com, mob. +380 67 741 8880, office +380 629 446084

skype - gshendrick




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