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University of Crete, Greece, is looking for partners


How to unify different people: TEaching SEcond LAnguages as linguas francas

Shift of different populations within Europe due to social, cultural, commercial, educational and political reasons has ‘modified’ Europe’s state borders and has inevitably caused language contact. As a result, most European countries have lost their purely national character in terms of their ethnic synthesis and societal structure. At the same time, certain countries serve as focal points due to their political, geographical, cultural or economic status and their national languages become the ‘linguas francas’ of the wider areas. Aim of our project is to design specialized programs regarding the teaching of these linguas francas in order to train instructors of second languages. We argue that, although languages differ at various structural aspects (phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics), language teaching is driven by specific principles and certain strategies which can be applied universally irrespective of the structural properties of the target language. Therefore, second language teaching may be completed faster and more effectively. This is a new way of seeing language teaching not from the point of view of linguistics but from the point of view of language teaching, language testing and education, in general.

The above mentioned action is envisaged to be funded by the Tempus programme/Joint Projects (JPs).

Tajik Agrarian University is looking for partners

TAJIK AGRARIAN UNIVERSITY named after SHITINSHO SHOTEMUR (TAU) is looking for an opportunity to become a partner in your TEMPUS projects on TEMPUS IV, 6th Call. We are discussing many Tempus ideas at the University as well and will be back to you with those ideas to find relevant partners for our National and Regional Projects.

TAU is Tajikistan's leading institution in the field of agriculture, agribusiness, Horticulture and Agricultural Biotechnology, Hydro - melioration, Animal Sciences, Economy, Mechanization, and Veterinary. The university consists of 9 faculties, with about 7000 students and more then 500 teaching staff.

The geography of TAU international linkages covers European and Asian and the Pacific region countries. Strong international networking and academic relations have been developing under the framework of various international partnerships and/or development programs. At various stages of its development, TAU has focused on specific subject areas to gain successful experience and promote its study programs sustainability. The fields of Land management, Geodesy and Geoinformatics, Agro-ecology, Agro-economy, Environmental Engineering and related subjects have been given priority, so academic programs in these fields have been the most beneficial of international affiliations.

Bukhara State University is looking for partners

General information

Name of university: Bukhara State University www.buxdu.uz

Brief description of university, faculty, department, number of students:

Bukhara State University (BSU), established in 1930 is one of the leading universities in Uzbekistan with more than 7000 students and 1500 employees. University is situated in the center of Bukhara, which is known as a historical city on the Great Silk Road.

Relevant information on previous or on-going international cooperation:

University has established wide education, research and exchange with national and foreign universities. Until now, BSU has participated in 9 TEMPUS and 7 Erasmus Mundus projects, so it is considered as having one of leading experience in this field in Uzbekistan.

Contacts of responsible person: name, title (Mr, Mrs, Dr, Prof), position, telephone, fax, e-mails

Mehriniso Rakhmatova, Lecturer at the Department of English Philology, tel: +998-90-4440471, fax: +998-65-2231254, e-mail: mehriniso@yahoo.com

Eurasia International University is looking for project ideas

Eurasia International University is a private institution of higher education in Armenia, having established immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Nearly twenty years of our establishment have been quite productive for us. We are proud of our innovative and proactive culture, which has served us well over the past two decades. Indeed, we have a solid and rapidly growing international experience. We are the first private University in Armenia to receive a TEMPUS grant, as well as the first private University in Armenia to mobilize a consortium and serve as a country coordinator (TEMPUS ASPIRE).


Today educational process is carried out at 7 faculties:

 Preparatory Training Course, General Medicine, Pharmaceutical Faculty, Stomatological Faculty, Overseas Students Training Faculty, Post-graduate Training,  Faculty of Pedagogics and Psychology of Higher School

Educational process is organized at 60 departments, where 57 doctors and 225 candidates of sciences, including 45 professors and 170 assistant professors, work. The educational departments are equipped with modern automatic apparatuses for training, sets of plastic models and phantoms, complex medical-diagnostic equipment. The teaching is supported with skilled pedagogical experience, highly - qualified research activity and great academic means of training.

Ratio and 3-stage system of students’ knowledge assessment is used at the university (computer testing, practical skills and interview).


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