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Eurasia International University is looking for project ideas

Eurasia International University is a private institution of higher education in Armenia, having established immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Nearly twenty years of our establishment have been quite productive for us. We are proud of our innovative and proactive culture, which has served us well over the past two decades. Indeed, we have a solid and rapidly growing international experience. We are the first private University in Armenia to receive a TEMPUS grant, as well as the first private University in Armenia to mobilize a consortium and serve as a country coordinator (TEMPUS ASPIRE).

We value sharing our knowledge and experience while learning from our partners. To this end, we are members of three Erasmus Mundus international mobility programs, which enabled us to enhance the professional development of our faculty, staff and students by participating in international exchange programs.

We are eager to tap into the opportunities presented by globalization of higher education while connecting with the business sector. We do so through utilizing communication technologies. We have partnered with European Universities and developed a Dual Degree in Electronic Business Administration – a key instrument particularly for small and landlocked countries. Related initiative is the one supported by GIZ, which we used to support electronic learning in South Caucasus. This enabled us to become a member of eLearning Network in Armenia.

Please contact us if you are considering applying for TEMPUS IV program and if you would like to share even preliminary ideas and possible project initiatives.

Best regards,

Hovhannes Harutyunyan

PhD in Economics, MBA

Vice-president of Strategic Development

Eurasia International University

Tel.: (+37410) 249438

Mobile: (+37477) 177333

Skype: hharutyunyan.eiu

E-mail: hovhannes.harutyunyan@eiu.am

Address: Azatutyun 24/2, 0014, Yerevan, RA


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