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Faculty of Organization and Informatics, University of Zagreb, Croatia, is looking for partners

We would like to offer our expertize in preparation and implementation of Tempus projects. We have successfully participated and co-ordinated several Tempus projects so far and have vast network of contacts around the Globe. We are very open to cooperation and new partnerships.

Our administrative and expert capacity could support two Tempus project proposals at the moment. More information about our Institution and our fields of interest could be found further on.

About us

Faculty of Organization and Informatics (FOI) – is a medium-sized faculty belonging to the University of Zagreb. It has been active for 38 years now, and it is considered the leading higher education institution in Croatia to provide education in applied information technology and information sciences. University of Zagreb (1669) is the oldest and the biggest university in South-Eastern Europe consisting of 29 faculties, 3 art academies, Centre for Croatian Studies.

With comprehensive programmes and over 50,000 full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students, the University of Zagreb represents the strongest teaching and research institution in Croatia and one of the most important higher institutions in the South-Eastern Europe. Until now, the Faculty has been involved in many EU funded projects and programmes, commercial projects funded by industry/business or public sector institutions, and scientific projects that were in line with national research and scientific policy and funded by the state. Concerning the EU funded projects the Faculty has experience in TEMPUS projects, FP6 / FP7, EUREKA, CEI and LLP projects.

The Faculty of Organization and Informatics aims to develop its scientific and research activities and achieve excellence in the following research fields and topics:

Technology enhanced learning

ICT application in private and public sector

Information systems management

Business process reengineering


Organizational design

Decision support systems

Electronic and mobile business

Software engineering, programming tools, paradigms and methods

Service oriented architectures

Information systems security


Multimedia systems

Quantitative methods for decision making

Risk analysis

Project management and Strategic planning

Previous Tempus project experience

o Enhancing Absorption Capacity of EU Programmes in Croatia (IB_JEP-41063-2006);

o Courses for Institution Building in Croatia - eGovernment (JEP_IB 40042_2005);

 o Aspect of Organization and Information Systems – Curriculum Development  (CD_JEP-16086-2001);

o Croatian Bologna Promoters Team (SCM-C005Z04-2004);

o Teaching and Language Skills (SCM-C006A04-2004);

o Furtherance of Bologna Promotion in Croatia (SCM-C032A06-2006);

o Education Quality Improvement By E-Learning Technology – EQUIBELT (UMJEP- 19105-2004);

o Financial Management of Croatian Universities (UM-17060-2002);

Contact person:

Amir Spahić, head of the UniZg FOI Center for International Projects

 amir.spahic@foi.hr; tel. +385 (0)42 390843; fax. +385 (0)42 390876; http://www.foi.unizg.hr


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