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Donetsk State University of Management is looking for partners

1. Name of your university/institution/industry or company interested in participating in TEMPUS project:

Donetsk State University of Management, Donetsk, Ukraine (www.dsum.edu.ua)

2. Main field of activities of your institution:

Donetsk State University of Management is a State-run higher education establishment founded in 1992 and accredited by the IV the highest level of national accreditation.

Today the University enrolls 8000 students. Training is carried out on the following education-and-qualification levels (full-time and part-time): Bachelor, Specialist/Master and MBA in various management-related fields like management, economics, sociology, marketing, foreign trade, environmental management, banking and finance, law, public administration etc.

3. Information about the intended TEMPUS project:

Our university is searching for grantholder and partner institutions from the EU and Ukraine for the following projects:

1. Joint Projects – Curriculum Reform: «Master Program for IT Teachers».

2. Structural Measures – Higher Education and Society: «Center of the Third Age Education».

4. Project proposal/description:

JPCR «Master Program for IT Teachers»

The idea is to create and introduce master program for training of IT teachers for secondary education establishments.

Key aspect in this project is elaboration and development of master studies in line with the EU standards and accreditation of new Master Program as a basis for satisfying the demand of secondary education establishments in qualified IT teachers as there no existing master program in Ukrainian HEI in this specific area.

SMHES «Center of the Third Age Education»

The idea is to create Center of the third age education and training within the post-diploma training program. The Center will be a structure which aims to provide education for retired members of the local community - those in the third age of life.

5. Previous international experience:

DSUM cooperates fruitfully with 46 foreign universities and education institutions, participates in the international projects under TEMPUS, Jean Monnet, DAAD, UNDP, IREX, Fulbright, Visegrad Fund and other. Full list of the projects can be found at web-site of the university.

International relations of DSUM include cooperation with educational institutions in Europe, North America and Asia. Many of these interrelations provide international exchange opportunities for students and lecturers.

Main vectors of the University international activity are: establishing international inter-institutional links for study and research programs, developing students and faculty exchange programs, internationalization of the curricula, participation in the international grant programs.

6. Please contact: (person, positione, mail, skype, tel etc.)

Mrs. Irina Sikorskaya, PhD, Head of International Relations Office, e-mail intdep@dsum.edu.ua, tel. +38 062 3440957, fax +38 062 3377108



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