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The Muscle Physiology and Mechanics group

Partner for Tempus projects:

The Muscle Physiology and Mechanics group, at the department of PE and Sport Science (DPESS), University of Thessaly (UTh), led by Christina Karatzaferi is devoted to research on muscle plasticity in health and disease. The infrastructure and expertise available includes: single fibre mechanics with temperature-jump, whole limb biomechanics, exercise models of muscle damage, MRI/DEXA/MRS expertise, protein expression and post-translational modifications analysis (e.g. SDS PAGE, Western blotting, ELISA, IEF), muscle morphology analysis and a battery of oxidative stress and energy substrate assays. Moreover we work extensively with clinicians from the University Hospital in pre-clinical and clinical exercise studies, especially in the area of intradialytic exercise for dialysis patients and in sleep/RLS problems.

The incoming researchers and collaborators can benefit from our commitment to both research and teaching: DPESS hosts an Erasmus Mundus programme, and 4 national postgraduate courses, including 'Exercise for Health' which attracts graduates from medicine, nursing, sport science, physiotherapy and engineering, currently with 30 MSc and PhD students (where Karatzaferi leads a course in muscle physiology and plasticity). On the other hand, with an average of >350 scientific citations per faculty member and competitive research income of > 3 million euros in the past two years, DPESS-UTh is the top sports science department in Greece in scientific prowess.

Overall, as a university, UTh is a vibrant institution with a good record in EU and national research and educational programmes (including various Marie Curie instruments and past TEMPUS). With >500 research & teaching staff, >9000 undergraduate and >1400 postgraduate students UTh is a leading Greek university in the areas of sport sciences, health & medical sciences, agriculture, veterinary science, engineering and education.

 Christina Karatzaferi, Ass. Professor in Exercise Physiology, Department of PE and Sport Science, University of Thessaly Karyes, 42100 Trikala

E-mail: ck@pe.uth.gr


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