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Ukrainian Institute of Arts and Sciences is looking for partners

The Ukrainian Institute of Arts and Sciences is looking for partners to create the journalism educational project.
Contact: Nadezhda Khlebnikova, PhD, journalism teacher

+380 95 1196995, nkhlebnikova@gmail.com; Skype: NadyaSeid

Basic parameters of the project:
Joint Project, Multi-country project, Social and behavioral science, Journalism and information.
The project objectives are: to modernize Bachelor’s and Master’s programs.
One of the focuses of the new curricula will be studying the community based civic journalism, participatory journalism, new journalists’ roles in the Internet, citizen engagement.
The Ukrainian Institute of Arts and Sciences was founded in 1999 by a public organization that shares life priorities and ethical principles of the Seventh Day Adventist church.
The Institute is a secular school, with attending students and stuff who work here despite their religious views.
In the institute are educated the economists of different qualifications, English philology majors, philosophy majors.
The first enrollment of the students majoring in journalism started in 2012.
For journalism practice the students have an opportunity to work on the TV studio of the Hope channel.
The institute has a good infrastructure for the students, stuff and the guests.
It is a big student campus, situated in a green zone close to Kiev. There are educational buildings, dormitories, and multifunctional hall for sporting events and conferences on campus.
Ukrainian Humanitarian Institute
14 Institutskaya Str.
Bucha (Kyiv oblast)
08292 Ukraine


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