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Як Ви ставитеся до Болонського процесу в Україні?

Kirovohrad Volodymyr Vynnychenko State Pedagogical University is looking for partners

Kirovohrad Volodymyr Vynnychenko State Pedagogical University (KSPU) – www.kspu.kr.ua

2 Main field of activities of your institution:

The study at the University follows the gradual system: Bachelor – Specialist / Master  Aspirant. Eight departments and three divisions engulf nearly 6,500 students and 45 specializations.

In the recent years our University has facilitated some new specializations which are highly needed at the job market: Computer Science, Translation, Applied Linguistics, Law, Political Sciences, Art and Design, Physical Rehabilitation, Practical Psychology, Social Rehabilitation, Mathematics and Basics of Computer Study ect.

3 Proposal for the Joint Project “Information, Documentation and Professional Communication in Multicultural and Multilingual Global World”:

  • Introduction of bachelor and master programs for “Multilingual Communication, Documentation and Translation”
  • Knowledge Triangle
  • Life-long Learning

The main expected results of the Project Implementation:

  • Creation and Modernization of Tuition Modules in:

ü   Technical Translation

ü   Languages for Special Purposes

ü   Natural Language Processing

ü   Content Management Systems, Models for Information Structuring

ü   Terminology and Terminology Management

ü   Translation Memory Systems

ü   Technical Writing and Authoring Memory

ü   Modern Standards for Data Migration

  • · Quality assurance framework:

ü   Creating tools for natural language processing (for the Ukrainian and other target languages): terminology extraction tools, Controlled Language Authoring Tool ect.

ü   Building of linguistic resources: multilingual texts, parallel documents, translation memories, terminology databases, dictionary and thesaurus of professional languages.

ü   Development of a Web-portal for publishing linguistic resources: resource for teaching and self-education, an effective tool for information acquisition and terminology dissemination; trusted source of information

ü   “Knowledge triangle" - education, research, innovation: participation of undergraduate and graduate students in the research and development of multilingual resources and documents during the practical training, implementation of  modern tools, methods and resources in education.

ü  Creation and web-publishing of some tuition-modules and webinars for popularization and distribution important educational subjects, e.g. Terminology and Terminology Management

The unified methodological approaches (compatible study programs, teaching/learning methods, didactic materials, methodological guidelines) and tools (educational equipment for practical work sessions and software for experiments) will synergistically intensify mutual experience of the target groups and therefore result in raising their educational basis and levels for effective training/retraining of the specialists in the partner universities.

Transfer of knowledge and experience between the partner groups due to:

ü  exchange of experience between the partner universities and introduction of effective study program, teaching/learning methods, didactic materials, methodological guidelines

ü  training/retraining seminars involving academic staff/instructors for the exchange the knowledge and experience

ü  conferences/summer schools for presentation of the created materials, tools and resources between all the partners

ü  the joint efforts of the collaborator sites will result in the improvement of educational basis for project partners that will favor the development of effective model for professional multilingual and multicultural communication at the national and the international levels

5 Previous international experience:

Several years ago KSPU together with the Montclair University (USA) developed “Democracy and Education” project which became an important event for the Ukrainian national education system. It opened new possibilities in educational activities approaching them to the world standards. In the meantime KSPU has 12 agreements of collaboration signed with higher education establishments from Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Russia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Latvia, China and Israel.

TEMPUS project

Since 2009 the scientists of the Department of Physics and Mathematics of KSPU together with the partners (Mälardalen University, Sweden, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, University of Cologne, Germany, Nizhyn Mykola Gogol State Pedagogical University, National Mykhailo Drahomanov Pedagogical University, Ministry of Education and Science) have progressed in project “Educational measurement, adapted to the EU standards”.

6 Contacts:

Alla Mishchenko, PhD

Lecturer, Chair of Translation and General Linguistics, Foreign Languages Department

e-mail: alla.mishchenko@gmail.com, Skype: alla.mishchenko

Bohdan Stasiuk, PhD, Deputy Dean, Foreign Languages Department

Senior Instructor, Chair of Translation and General Linguistics, Foreign Languages Department

e-mail: qverist@gmail.com

Skype: bohdan.stasiuk


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