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Tajik State University of Law, Business and Politics, Tajikistan, is looking for partners

Tajik State University of Law, Business and Politics (Khujand, Tajikistan) is looking for Tempus project partners.

Contacts: Abdurahim Juraev, Vice-Rector on International Relations, juraev@mail.ru; tsulbp-dia@rambler.ru

Main field of activities of your institution:
Tajik State University of Law, Business and Politics  was established as new institution to be able to meet requirements of new epoch in our social, political, economical history which related with transition from planned economy to market economy. University offers four-year bachelors and two year master's degrees as well as post graduate courses in the fields of law, economics, political science, philosophy, history, and mathematics
The University trains specialists in the sphere of Jurisprudence, Accounting and Audit,  Economics, Information systems, Finance, Tax and Taxation, Banking Business, State and Local Municipal Management, Management in the sphere of commerce and Service, Marketing and Agro-Business, World economy, International Relations, Political Science.  The total number of the students accounts for 5976 people, 3099 students study at the full-time department and 2877 study at part- time department.  The faculty staff at present 280 doctors and professors.  They work at 22 departments of the University. 82 faculties have scientific degrees.
Information about the intended TEMPUS project:
In connection with transition in credit system the university intends to implement curricula according to Bologna principle in order to provide its divisions with new educational technology and to conduct workshops and seminars on effectively using new educational system.
In 2011 almost all specialties have passed to this system. However work in this direction is connected by more execution of formal requirements of credit system, rather than, with work on reforming of approaches to teaching, maintenances teaching a material, use of new educational technology.  It is connected with two reasons: firstly, insufficient experience of responsible persons for introduction of credit system and teachers working already on credit system, secondly, a lack of financial assets for equipment of new educational technology; encourage deep reflective thinking which may lead to autonomous learning. and improve existing educational system and bring it closer to European standard
Project proposal/description:
We are interested in joint projects focused on development of international relations, knowledge triangle education-research-innovation, University management and services for students. We would like to expand the international cooperation in the area of public and municipal administration and suggest a partnership in the following areas: development of high education system organized in three levels – Bachelor, Master and Doctor studies according to the Bologna process; realization of joint science research projects; development of the teaching materials for the  Master and PhD program and implementation of the new curriculum; organization of training courses for young faculty members in Tajikistan and Europe and development of academic mobility in Ukraine and Europe.
Previous international experience:
Tajik State University of Law, Business and Politics cooperates with scientific  and educational institutions of the USA, Russia, Ukraine, China, Finland on carrying out joint scientific researches, conferences seminars, publications of scientific works. However in connection with transition in Credit System university needs cooperation with educational programs of European Union Tempus and Erasmus Mundus


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