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Russian-Tajik Slavonic University is looking for partners

Russian-Tajik Slavonic University, Dushanbe, is looking for partners for Tempus Joint Project, Programme theme: Knowledge triangle: education-innovation-research, Multi-country project.
Preliminary project title    Knowledge database “Insti-Tube”

Contact    Umidjon Ulugov, Head of the department on coordination of programs, projects and grants in the fields of education and science
Telephone  +992918613427, umed.ulugov@youth21.tj

Address    30 Tursun-zade Str.

Website    http://www.rtsu-slavist.tj/

Our project idea
Objectives    1. Analyze the current system of interactive training methods in 5 countries of Central Asia and in EU countries;
2. Create a central server to collect all video lectures, video presentations of teachers of 8 institutes of higher education in Central Asia and EU, place a backup server, appoint administrators in each of institutes participating in the project;
3. Test system involving students and teachers and run the system in full operation;
4. Final conference, final report.
Ad 1.
Monitoring of internal documents and institutional strategies with focus on interactive training methods
3 seminars - discussion and conclusions of the future knowledge database system;
Identification of priority directions of knowledge and science in order to create a server;
Ad 2.
Development of 32 video courses of lectures and presentations on priority themes in 8 institutes of higher education of CA and EU;
Create a central server and internet-platform to download the existing information;
Place backup servers based on each of institutes providing with the local access for students and teachers;
Appoint the responsible administrators in order to coordinate in-site servers;
Ad. 3
Involve up to 8000 students and teachers of 8 institutes in CA and EU to assess knowledge database;
Give a final assessment of the system work and analyze the shortcomings;
Introduce changes based on users’ opinions and put the system in full operation.
Ad 4.
Conduct a final conference with the countries participating in the project in Dushanbe;
Draw up a Memorandum on partnership and cooperation to ensure the proper servers operation, sharing of information and constant database updating;
Develop and circulate appeal to other universities of the world to join the project.
General analytical report on existing and innovative approaches to education, and the use of video materials in process of teaching of students and specialists;
Central and local servers to collect and disseminate knowledge;
Final assessment of the system availability based on beneficiaries’ opinions;
Development of documents on future project sustainability.
Working language     English
Duration    36 months
We are searching for
Types of institutions, countries, etc.    Higher Education Institutions
Region: Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgystan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan
National priority: Knowledge triangle: education-innovation-research
Regional priority: Knowledge triangle: education-innovation-research


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