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DONETSK RAILWAY TRANSPORT INSTITUTE is looking for partners in Tempus project

1. Name of institution interested in participating in TEMPUS project:

Donetsk Railway Transport Institute (DRTI) Ukrainian State Academy of Railway Transport http://www.drti.donetsk.ua

2. Main field of activities of institution:

State higher educational establishment “Donetsk Railway Transport Institute” of Ukrainian State Academy of Railway Transport of the Ministry of Transport and Connection of Ukraine created in 1967 today being one of the leading educational center for railway transport in Ukraine.

The institute consists of 6 faculties (“Railway Operation on Transport”, “Infrastructure of Railway Transport”, “Transport Economy”, “Correspondence Faculty”, “Retraining and Upgrading Qualification Faculty ”, “Preparatory Faculty”) and 12 departments among them 7 are graduation chairs Research and education activities of DRTI are aimed at transport industry.

3. Information about the intended TEMPUS project:

We look forward to cooperate in terms of sharing experience, developing new research tools and methods, applying new technologies to the learning process, establishing multilateral academic exchanges and developing the long-term basis for cooperation.

Our joint researches could address following issues:

- University management and student services;

- Introduction of quality assurance;

- Knowledge triangle education/research/innovation.

- Improvement existing education system

- Development partnerships between Ukrainian and European institutions as tool to promote academic excellence, integration and cooperation;

- Preparation and implement joint bachelors’ study programs in accordance with EU educational standards – to promote an international student mobility programs as a key to improve academic educational quality;

- Institutional and financial autonomy;

- Development of lifelong learning program.

4. Project proposal/description:

- We are searching for partners to modernize Bachelor level Programs in transport engineering and transport economy. And it aims to create joint/double degree programs.

- We are interested in joint projects focused on development of international relations, knowledge triangle education-research-innovation, University management and services for students.

- We would like to expand the international cooperation in the area of public and municipal administration and suggest a partnership in the following areas: development of high education system organized in Bachelor level study according to the Bologna process; realization of joint science research projects; development of the teaching materials for the Bachelor program and implementation of the new curriculum; organization of training courses for young faculty members in Ukraine and Europe and development of academic mobility in Ukraine and Europe.

Please contact: Sergiy Tsykhmistro, a head of IT department, curator of the International Relations of Donetsk railway transport institute.

184 Artema str., Donetsk, Ukraine, 83122

mob.tel. + 38 095 944 88 59

website: http//www. drti.donetsk.ua

e-mail: Cychmistro@mail.ru, it@drti.donetsk.ua, info@drti.donetsk.ua


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