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National University «Odessa Law Academy»


1. Name of your university/institution/industry or company interested in participating in TEMPUS project:

National University «Odessa Law Academy»

2. Main field of activities of your institution:

University as a leading Ukrainian law university has a history dating back to the beginning of the XIX century. Main field of activities of the University: educational, methodological and research activity; international cooperation. The main subject areas covered by education and research are law, political science, intellectual property, consolidated information, public cervices. There are about 15 thousand students at 3 institutions and 12 faculties. Currently the University aims at further internationalization of education and introduction of greater number of Master courses, including courses taught in English and other foreign languages.

3. Information about the intended TEMPUS project:

We look forward to cooperate in terms of sharing experience, developing new research tools and methods, applying new technologies to the learning process, establishing multilateral academic exchanges, preparing and implementing joint bachelors’ and postgraduate study programs in accordance with EU educational standards and developing the long-term basis for cooperation. The need for using multimedia to increase awareness in the educational environments will provide students with opportunities to retrieve and activate their schemata, i.e. background knowledge and using tools for analyzing the world, accessing and interpreting information, organizing their personal knowledge, and sharing their own knowledge with others; get the students engaged in filling multimedia applications which provide valuable learning opportunities; empower students to create and design their own formats rather than absorbing models created by others; encourage deep reflective thinking which may lead to autonomous learning. and improve existing educational system and bring it closer to European standard.

4. Project proposal/description:

We are interested in joint projects focused on development of international relations, knowledge triangle education-research-innovation, University management and services for students. We would like to expand the international cooperation in the area of public and municipal administration and suggest a partnership in the following areas: development of high education system organized in three levels – Bachelor, Master and Doctor studies according to the Bologna process; realization of joint science research projects; development of the teaching materials for the Master and PhD program and implementation of the new curriculum; organization of training courses for young faculty members in Ukraine and Europe and development of academic mobility in Ukraine and Europe.

5. Previous international experience:

Since 1998 National University “Odessa Law Academy” has been a member of European Association of Universities. In 2006 the University one of the first in Ukraine signed Magna Charta Universities. Since 2008 the University has been a member of European Association of Public Law. For the last years it has been concluded more than 50 long-terms agreements about collaboration with leading universities of countries of Europe and the USA, influential international governmental and non-governmental organizations. National University has taken part repeatedly in realization of scientific and research, technical and humanitarian projects of European Union and UN. In 2002-2004 University was a partner organization of the project “Legal training in Ukraine, Kiev and selected regions. EuropeAid/111910/C/SV/UA. Experts’ Briefing Pack”. In 2012 University became a partner organization in the project “Supports of innovations through improvement of regulatory framework for higher education in Ukraine. 530158-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-SE-TEMPUS-SMHES”. There are held conferences and symposiums at the University which results influence on development of legal science and practice not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe in the whole. Every year foreign scientists and lawyers work at the University reading their own designers courses in English, currently more than 350 foreign students from 26 countries of the world study at the University.

Please contact: (person, position e-mail, skype, tel etc.)

Please contact: Mr.Vadym Barskyy, the Head of International Relations Office of NU ”OLA”

23 Fontanska doroga str., 65009 Odessa, Ukraine

tel. +38 (0482) 68-93-23

website: http://www.onua.edu.ua/

e-mail: international@onua.edu.ua


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