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Crimean University for the Humanities (Yalta) is interested in participation in the Tempus projects focused on the following themes: Higher Education and Society, Governance Reform, Curricular Reform.

Contacts: Prof. Olexander Gluzman, Rector of the Crimean University of the Humanities (Yalta)

Street: Sevastopolskaya 2, Yalta, Ukraine, index: 98635

Tel.: +38 0654 323013, fax: +38 0654 327622, web-site: cshi.crimea.edu, e-mail: cic@cshi.crimea.edu

Crimean University for the Humanities (Ukraine, Crimea), founded in 1944, is one of the oldest educational institutions of the Crimea, and is the only state HEI of the humanitarian profile on the Southern coast of the Crimea. It includes 5 departments in Yalta (among them there is the first in Ukraine Spezialized Department for students with special needs), Pedagogical Department in the City of Yevpatoria, University branch in the City of Armyansk.

The University provides masters, post-graduate and doctoral studies, second higher education courses. About 5.000 students are trained in 17 specialities: (Primary Education; Pre-School Education; Social Pedagogics; Practical Psychology; Pedagogics and Methodology of Secondary Education; Musical Pedagogics and Education; Fine Arts; Graphic Design; The Ukrainian Language and Literature; The English Language and Foreign Literature; The Ukrainian Language and Literature; The English Language and Foreign Literature; The English Language, the French Language and Foreign Literature; The Russian Language the English language and Foreign Literature; History; Organization of Hotel, Resort and Tourist Service; Finance; Mathematics, Computer sciences).

The University cooperates and maintains close relations with different HEIs, basing in Ukraine as well as abroad (USA, Portugal, Belgium, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Israel, Latvia, Great Britain, Russia, Belarus). In 2002, the University was included into the UNESCO higher educational institutions list; in 2005 it became a member of the Alliance of Universities for Democracy (AUDEM); in the 2008 University became a member of the Black Sea University Network (BSUN).

The University has experience of the following Tempus projects realization: JEP-22044-2001 “Management of organizations and human resources management in the Crimea”; UM-JEP-27249-2006 “Center of higher education for people with disabilities”; JPHES-159359 “Boosting the knowledge triangle by establishing innovation offices in Ukrainian higher education institutions”.

Crimean University for the Humanities (Yalta) is interested in cooperation in the sphere of education and scientific researches, exchange of experience, and developing of interest to language and culture of partner countries via implementation of the following kinds of activity:

  • Joint initiatives in governmental and international organizations.
  • Exchange of information concerning educational process, academic plans and schedules.
  • Exchange of curricula and educational programs, educational manuals and methodical materials.
  • Exchange of faculty staff, researchers and students.
  • Organization and carrying out of joint scientific-practical conferences, symposia, workshops and seminars.
  • Development and joint realization of the educational and scientific-research projects.
  • Organization of the training (language courses, continuous education programs, practice etc.).
  • Joint development of courses and curricula.
  • Exchange and joint edition of the scientific-methodical and academic literature.
  • Reviewing and edition of teachers’, post-graduates’ and students’ scientific papers.
  • Expert missions and another joint mutual advantageous activity regarding education, research, scientific work and culture.

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