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Melitopol State Pedagogical University named after Bogdan Hmelnitskiy

Melitopol State Pedagogical University named after Bogdan Hmelnitskiy is interested in Joint Projects: partnerships between higher education institutions in the EU and other countries for:

1) improvement of teaching methods of different disciplines;

2) organization and carrying out of joint conferences, workshops and seminars.

3) exchange of students with the requirements of the Bologna process.


Chemical-Biological Faculty “Phitodiversity investigation of natural and anthropogenic landscapes of southern Ukraine”; “Protection, optimization and management”; “Formation of concepts of consumer chemistry course in high school chemistry”; “Study of surface-active substances”;“Biological characteristics of species - alien fauna of Northern Azov, their influence on ecosystems and predicting effects on economic activity”;“Development of computer methods for processing and monitoring of population number”;“Creation of electronic textbooks on ecology”.

Didactical framework of continuous environmental education:

- Technological hike in the organization and implementation of environmental education;

- Technology training methods of Ecology (problem-symbolic signals and others);

- Technologies of education;

- Technologies of material resources;

- Methodological training of teachers of primary schools, secondary schools for implementation of ecology education;

- Methods of ecology teaching (primary and secondary schools); Development of practical study units in environmental subjects.

Collaborative research in the field urban ecology.

Development of methods and criteria for evaluation of anthropogenic load on urbolandscape and recreational areas.

“Individual-typological features of microcirculation of children blood of primary school age with different somatotype.”

Antioxidant status of Anseriformes and exogenous induction.

Getting antioxidant drugs of plant origin on the basis of local raw materials.

Purification of water from surface-active substances and heavy metals.

Socio-Humanitarian Faculty “Stress and the protection of mental health in modern society”; “Formation of cross-cultural adaptation of students”;”Formation of readiness of future teachers to educational-cognitive tasks in elementary school”; ”Project activity as a socio-professional adaptation of Pedagogical University students”.

Faculty of Philology Research in the field of functional semiological and cognitive linguistics, functional grammar, linguistics and sociolinguistics area. Cooperation can be implemented by joint research of the ethnic structure of the world (the image of the world) in modern speakers of the language in a bilingual situation in the light of regional and social specificity. The cooperation supposes joint efforts in establishing an empirical base of research. This is expected to be implemented with the help of massive associative experiments with representatives of different social groups in the southern regions of Ukraine and university partners. Upon completion of the experimental work it is expected to conduct a comparative analysis of the image of the world of bearers of studied cultures.

Natural Geography Faculty Priority areas of research:

- Geological investigations (fossil fauna);

- Recreational studies of Azov and Black sea coast and border territories;

- Tourism and recreation and tourism and local history research;

- Local History Research;

- Regional geo-environmental and ecological-geographical studies;

- Landscape grounds of the establishment of ecological networks;

- Projects of the organization and maintenance of protected areas;

- Projects Management Spatial.

The study of questions of the methodology of tourism development and methodological research (formation of the recreational system of settlement, tourist evaluation of natural, cultural and historical sites, questions of formation of the territory, the structure of tourism systems, technique guide).

The history of resettlement in North Priazovye; The history of international relations in modern times - Ukraine (Bulgaria) - Ukraine (Poland); Classical Byzantine tradition in the Black Sea.

Economics Faculty “Methodological support of anthropological examination of university teacher-education”

The direction of research for which it is possible to conduct lectures, seminars, round tables, etc.:

- Modern trends of development and management education: an anthropological perspective;

- Philosophy of education as a guarantee of the continuation of the theory and practice of modern education and upbringing;

- The problem of the harmonious development of personality in the anthropological system of university education;

- Philosophical-anthropological aspect of pedagogical expertise of value orientations students;

- Ethical and aesthetic ideal of artistic and educational work of youth: the problem of culture and subculture;

- Interests and values of students: the resources and capacity limits and risk tolerance and dialogue;

- Anthropological foundations of civic education students: the formation and development of social rights;

- Movement to public knowledge and new education: Anthropological reflections of philosophical and educational reception;

- Pedagogical expertise of planning and quality assurance of education, university education: theoretical experience and conflicting practices.

Please, contact us:

Savchenko Elena, International Department, sorokaelena10@mail.ru 72312, Ukraine, Melitopol, Lenin st., 20 Melitopol State Pedagogical University named after Bogdan Hmelnitsky

Tel. 38-0619 440464 Fax: 38-0619 440360 www.mdpu.org.ua


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