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Як Ви ставитеся до Болонського процесу в Україні?

Polessky State University (PolesSU) is looking for partners

Information about the intended TEMPUS project:

Polessky State University is interested in joining to the projects in the field of Economics, Management, Biotechnology, Molecular Genetics, Lifelong Learning, Foreign Languages Learning.

Previous international experience:

Erasmus Mundus – Integration of Neighbouring EasterN Regions through Cooperation in Higher Education (EMINENCE) 2013-2016 - To enhance the quality of higher education and promote dialogue and understanding between people and cultures through mobility and academic cooperation.

Contact person: Marina Kolesnikovich

International cooperation officer


GSM: +375-44-582-30-34

Fax: +375-165-31-21-95



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