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Office in Ukraine

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Tempus-Ukraine@20 International conference, May 14, 2013, Kyiv, Ukraine


Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, National Tempus Office in Ukraine, with support from the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine, National Academy of Pedagogical Siences of Ukraine, National Academy of Managing Personnel of Culture and Arts of Ukraine.


Rus Hotel situated in downtown, 4 Hospitalna Str., Kyiv 01601, Ukraine

Practical Information for participants (how to get to the conference venue, meals etc.): please download here 

About conference

The announced conference “Tempus-Ukraine@20” celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Tempus programme in Ukraine. The event conducted for the purposes to disseminate cumulative experience of Tempus implementation in Ukraine, promote mutual learning and share best practices, raise awareness and multiply Tempus achievements, recognize and award Tempus partners.

The event will also highlight Tempus study. The study will depict success stories and lessons learned during the 20 years history in Ukraine, including impact assessment, relevance and effectiveness of Tempus projects in Ukraine, roles of Ukrainian universities, students, employers, local and national authorities in modernization of higher education, and will provide recommendations to accelerate higher education reforms in line with Bologna process implementation.

The conference gather togather about 200 representatives of higher education institutions, research institutes, national and local authorities, academic community from Ukraine and partner countries, agencies and institutions from the EU.


English, Ukrainian. Simultaneous translation English-Ukrainian, Ukrainian-English provided during all conference sessions.

About Tempus in Ukraine

Tempus programme was first launched in Ukraine in 1993. This year Ukraine celebrates 20 years of Tempus history in Ukraine.

Projects of Tempus I and II (1993-1999) aimed at development of university governance, upgrade of professional competency of university teachers, modernization of curricular in European studies, Law, Economics, Psychology etc. that are sustained upon completion of Tempus projects.

During Tempus III (2000-2007) the focus of the programme expanded to new disciplines: agrarian sciences, IT, environment etc. New departments, units of fundraising and international relations were created and became an integral part of higher education institutions in Ukraine.

The fourth stage of Tempus programme (Tempus IV) is on-going (2008-2013). In the implementation of Tempus IV projects Ukrainian universities increased the level of internationalization, in cooperation with the EU partners, created competence centers, technological parks, double degree programmes, professional development courses for local government servants etc. Tempus IV projects aim at modernization of existing and creation of new curricular in IT, engineering, medicine, architecture and design, green communications, journalism and others. During next two-three years Ukrainian universities-Tempus projects partners will work to develop sectoral qualification frameworks, to improve effectiveness of student services, to introduce innovations in higher education, to promote student innovations and entrepreneurship.

Within five calls of Tempus IV, 61 projects were funded by the European Union.

Altogether, from 1993 till 2012, about 300 Tempus projects with participation of about 120 Ukrainian higher education institutions were implemented in Ukraine.



There are no registration fees for the conference participants. All participants were  provided with information packages and other materials. 

Registration and availability of personal invitation are mandatory to attend the conference.

Practical Information for participants at

Target audience

  • Ukrainian and EU HEIs – implementers of Tempus II, III and IV (1993-2012) (University management, administrative and academic staff, students).
  • Politicians, officials in charge of policy setting and development in higher education (national, regional and local levels).
  • National and local authorities involved in Tempus programme implementation (members of consortia, beneficiaries etc.).
  • Ukrainian companies partnering in Tempus projects.

Selection of participants was hold by the Conference Organizing Committee to ensure balanced representation per university and geographical region in Ukraine.

We would like to thank all conference participants and large Tempus team!


The preliminary conference agenda is posted

Logistical support

Logistical support for the conference is to be provided by Cecoforma company 

CECOFORMA 14, Rue Léon Frédéricq - 4020 Liège, tel : +3243404473,  fax : +3243442808,

Ludmila Magkaeva, Senior Event Manager,

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