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Voronezh State University

Voronezh State University (Russian Federation) Faculty name The International Relations Faculty

Curricula to be modernized: 2-year Master programme “International Business” - Specialization “Business in Emerging Markets”


The Master programme major blocks:

The 1st module consists of “Introduction to Emerging Markets”; “International Finance”; “Leadership”; “M&A in Emerging Markets”.

The 2nd module consists of “Political Economy and institutions”; “International Economy”; “Cross-Cultural Management”; “Ethics in Business”; “Distribution and sales Management”

The 3rd module consists of Thesis and “Marketing research methods”

The 4th module consists of two foreign languages; “Conflict Resolution and Negotiation”; “International Project Management”

Blocks that could be taught in English:

The 2nd semester: Cross-Cultural Management; Global Supply Chain Management; Ethics and CSR; Conflict Resolution and Negotiation; Marketing Research Methods.

The 3rd semester: International Finance; Distribution and Sales Management; M&A in Emerging Markets; Leadership and HR in Emerging Markets; International Strategic Markets

In the framework of the programme the following forms of international cooperation are performed:

Lectures for incoming students from the partner institutions (FH Joanneum, Austria, Hochshule Harz, Germany): Cross-Cultural Management; Ethics in Business; Marketing Research Methods for Bachelor degree receivers, and the same disciplines will be taught for Master degree students since September 2012

Role in a project: Partner

Contact person: Mrs. Elena Pilieva,

Leading specialist of Regional Information Centre

for Scientific and Technological Cooperation with EU

Voronezh State University

Tel./fax: +7-473-2207526


394006 RF Voronezh, Universitetskaya pl. 1


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