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Як Ви ставитеся до Болонського процесу в Україні?


1. Name of your university: (YSMU) and National Institute of Health RA (NH MH RA) are looking for a new Partner-university from EU to act as a co-applicant for the TEMPUS IV, 5th call project and to include YSMU and NIH from Republic of Armenia into realization of priority programmes of Tempus: “Curricular Reform”, “Higher Education and Society”, etc., which correspond to successful activities of these organizations.

2. Main field of activities of your institution:

Main fields of YSMU and NIH activities are multifaceted and include educational, methodological and scientific activities, as well as international cooperation.

YSMU, being one of the oldest medical universities of Armenia, is still considered to be the top educational institution in the region. It offers academic programmes at all levels including undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate courses and post-doctoral studies.

An issue of qualitative education is always urgent. At present YSMU is actively modernising its academic models in line with the principles of the "Bologna process". The university extensively uses teaching quality management and student academic progress monitoring. Innovative teaching technologies are widely in use at YSMU.

The University has always put the importance of shaping intercultural communication with a global extension of education at the forefront. It is included in the World Directory of Medical Schools and also recognized by the medical councils of different countries. Today, YSMU has more than 1000 students from overseas.

The YSMU administration does comprehend the importance of international collaboration and its benefits. Therefore, the university has established various contacts with medical schools and healthcare institutions of several countries and international organizations in the areas of medical education and healthcare. Numerous cooperation agreements have been signed and reviewed between YSMU and various well-known medical universities in the CIS, Europe, Central Asia and the US. Besides, it has a membership in a number of international organizations, including: International Association of Universities (IAU), Assosiation of Medical Education in Europe (AMEE), European Medical Students Assocation (EMSA), Global Universities in distance Education (GUIDE Association). (More information about the university can be found at:

NIH MH RA has established itself as a recognized powerful state scientific- medical- educational- and methodological center, unique in its kind in the health care system of the Republic of Armenia and provides leadership and direction to programs designed to improve the health of the Nation by conducting and supporting research, as well as by organizing vocational trainings and by conducting various international educational and scientific programs.

The Institute carries out work aimed at solving the problems arising from the strategy and main directions of development of health research and substantiates the model, develops mechanisms for organizing, managing and financing medical-economic standards. NIH MH RA conducts research and monitoring in order to study the health of the population, collaborating with educational and research organizations, health facilities, organizes the exchange of experiences and information. It also provides scientific-methodological and organizational support to members of practical public health, organizes different International scientific conferences, scientific-practical seminars and round tables on health system development, scientific, educational, medical and preventive care, as well as publishes regulations, reports, scientific and methodological literature and other materials.

Long-term scientific and educational international cooperation is based upon direct agreements with universities and research institutes of the world. As a result of the stated fruitful collaboration, the institute staff has been granted unique opportunities to apply for numerous exchange programs, participate in seminars, conferences and congresses held at those institutions within the frameworks of the projects. (More information about NIH MH RA:

3. Previous international experience:

Since 1996-97 YSMU permanently takes part in Tacis-Tempus educational program, which aims to establish relations with medical institutions and medical centers of foreign countries as well as with educational and scientific organizations in the international arena. The program efficiently promotes university’s international recognition. Taking into consideration international high experience in medical sphere it is dedicated to training highly qualified specialists bringing forth their best skills.

Within the spheres of this worldwide program three sided agreement has been signed in 2001 between YSMU and the universities of Padova (Italy) and Paris VII (France), according to which governing new structure has been represented in YSMU.

Within the frameworks of the program YSMU administration’s governing structure has been reformulated in cooperation with the universities of Ex-Marcel II, Loven (France) and the Aristhothel University of Thessaloniki (Greece). As a result a firm basis of further intensive collaboration has been grounded within the charters of European Regional Project.

The example of current TEMPUS project is: “Masters Programmes in Public Health and Social Services (MPPHSS) - 3 years (2010-2013) project 511303 –2010 - JPCR, with coordination of Univesity of Cumbria - UK, participation EU countries (Sweden and Romania) and partner countries (Armenia, Georgia and Moldova)

Apart from Tempus, YSMU and NIN have a strong international collaboration in different academic and training programs. They are successfully working towards modernization and enhancement of quality in higher education, expanding effective cooperation in accordance with the programme priorities of TEMPUS.

4. Information about the intended TEMPUS project:

Type of project (JP, SM)

The main aim of project is to improve the existing education system and bring it close to European educational standards, by introducing the student competencies model.

Work in following national priorities:

For Joint Project (JP): ”Curricular Reform”, “Higher Education and Society”, and for Structural Measures (SM): “Higher Education and Society” in “Training of non-university teachers”, “Training courses for public services (ministers/regional/local authorities)”, “Development of partnerships with enterprises”, “Development of Lifelong learning and Society at large”, “ which correspond to successful activities of these organizations.

Project proposal/description:

The purpose of the project is to find and apply realistic approaches towards improving the quality of medical care, taking into consideration the development of medical care services related to the rapid and continuous development of material-technical base and growing needs of population for services at present.

Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU) puts special emphasis on postgraduate studies and continuing education. In 2011 it founded the Faculty of Postgraduate and Continuing Education, where Ph.D students and residents are trained. This is what causes the need to develop and introduce a program for post-graduate and continuing education in the general education system, where special emphases is placed on PhD program in "Public Health and Health organisation" including the following modules:

Modules that could be taught

"Public Health, factors affecting health", "The system of population health protection", "The principles of Health Management", "Management of medical resources", "Management and Marketing in health care", "Health Economics", "Medical Sociology", "Bases of Health Law".

Therefore, the main goal of the future projects is to improve the present system of education of the residents and PhD students by creating a PhD program in “Public Health and Health organisation”, revising relevant curricula, existing relevant modules of teaching courses and approximating them to the European educational standards, developing and implementing training and retraining programs. Furthermore on the basis of developed teaching courses, there is a necessity to develop and implement lifelong learning courses in educational process for professionals of all spheres of the health sector offering medical care, from top-level of health care professionals to physicians and paramedic personnel. Implementing this project would help improve the quality of medical care, attractiveness and accessibility of the opportunities for lifelong learning programs on the basis of employers’ request.

The lifelong learning program is designed for professionals of all spheres of health sector by the following modules: "Health protection and disease prevention", "Public Health factors affecting health", "Bases of medical and biological statistics", "Health Management", " Bases of Health Care finance, planning and economics”, “The effectiveness of health facilities", "Quality management system of medical service".

A problem of education and broadening of the educational programs, introduction of effective technologies of training and methods of its improvement is of great importance in conditions of the global integration. The international conferences, trainings of the teaching staff, students’ exchange, exchange of scientific and educational information were conducted within the framework of cooperation agreements with foreign universities.

Project Objectives are to:

- Familiarize different stakeholders with the properties and standards characterizing the quality of medical care, with the main tendencies of continuous quality improvement and the concept of control.

- Improve knowledge on the methodology and methodical approaches to evaluate quality medical care, monitor key indicators and their application possibilities, depending on conditions.

- Get them acquainted with the constantly developing requirements of the licensing and accreditation.

- Create a single international informative space with the purpose of experience exchange in Health Care organization, management, marketing, etc

- Exchange information about the conducted scientific measures, possible grants, suggestions about creation and realization of joint projects, possibilities of internships and exchange programs.

5. Contact details:

Tamara Tonoyan, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Health Economics, Faculty of postgraduate studies and continuing education of the Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU)

Head of the Department of Health Policy, Economics and International Relations of the National Institute of Health RA (NH MH RA)

Phone: (374 10) 229037. E-mail:

Fax (+37410) 23-90-44

Addresses: 2 Koryun str., Yerevan, 0025, Armenia, YSMU

49/4 Komitas Av., Yerevan 0051, Armenia, NH MH RA


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