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Donetsk Academy of Motor Transport is looking for partners

1. Name of your university/institution/industry:

University of Transportation Systems and Technology “Donetsk Academy of Motor Transport” (http://www.diat.edu.ua) - DAAT

2. Main field of activities of your institution:

Higher education institution of 4th level of accreditation, which trains specialists for the automotive industry in the educational and skill degrees: PhD (PhD), master's, specialist, bachelor.

DAAT consists of 6 faculties, comprised of 12 independent departments, a college, preparatory department for international students. Additionally we have a research center dealing with transportation systems and technology, a students’ research bureau and ADR research laboratory dealing with the transportation of dangerous cargos, a department of training for foreign students.

DAAT is Pearson Edexcel Educational Centre.

The system of educational quality and scientific activity of DAAT is accredited to the International standard ISO 9001:2008.

3. Information about the intended project:

We are interested in participation in the projects that are aimed at:

• creation of modern or modernization of educational planes for specialties Motor transport, Organization and traffic regulation, Specialized computer systems, Organization of transportations and management on the motor transport; Logistics;

• development of distance learning network for education or advanced training;

• development of educational planes for new specializations, for example, the master of automobile hybrid technologies, the master of intellectual transport systems, etc.;

• modernization of technical education;

• development of the practical-focused master programs in the field of motor transport;

• development of management systems in higher education institutions and education quality systems;

• increase of student's self-government efficiency;

• introduction of "lifelong education" technologies.

4. Previous international experience:

Participation as partner in application for the project «Developing and Implementing of Quality Assurance System in BUM Based on Bologna Standards» (QASBUM) in Tempus.

Application for the project «European integration of Ukraine in the field of motor transport» (EIUFMT) in program «Jean Monnet».

Please contact: 

Andrii Kostenko/Андрій Костенко,

andr13kost@list.ru, +38(062)345-33-79, +38(050)156-51-76.


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