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Tashkent Chemical Technological Institute is looking for partners

Name of university: Tashkent Chemical Technological Institute, Uzbekistan, website: www.tkti.uz

Faculty: Technology of inorganic materials.

Department: Technology of silicate materials and noble rare metals.

Number of student: 160.

Relevant information on previous or on-going international cooperation



Contacts of responsible person: Prof. Aripova Mastura Hikmatovna, Head of Department of silicate materials and noble rare metals.

Tel: (998-71)-2682711; (998-90)-9553991, fax: (998-71)-1447917

E-mail: aripova1957@yandex.ru, e-mail: babax2013@yahoo.com

Project description:

Education and manufacture integration with the aim of introduction of innovative technologies in the chemical industry’ enterprises.

Type of the project:

Joint Project (JP), Higher Education and Society (HES): Knowledge triangle education/research/innovation, Development of partnerships with enterprises

Regional priorities

Manufacturing and processing/ Development of partnerships with enterprises/ Knowledge triangle education/research/innovation

Brief need analysis The enterprise of ceramics, glass, knitting materials and rare, precious metals production strongly needs highly qualified professionals and innovative technologies. The development of the knowledge triangle “education / research / innovation” to quickly and efficiently upgrade existing enterprises, in turn modern production will require more than a high professional level of graduates. In this regard, research projects aimed at developing new technologies with direct participation of students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs are particularly important.

Objectives and activities

• Strengthening the links between education / research / innovation in the production of ceramics, glass, knitting materials, rare and precious metals;

• The teaching and training of qualified personnel for the existing international production : development of international cooperation in the training of young experts; organization of training of teachers and technology practices of students in the partner countries of the project;

• Promoting international exchange of teachers and mobility of students and trainees and creating a specific network for further cooperation.

• Improvement of job training programs in technical subjects with the latest innovative technologie / development of an advanced training program in the direction of the technology of building materials (chemical technology of glass, ceramics, and binders) (MA) on the subject of "Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology", "Concentration of raw materials" with the creation of additional laboratory facilities);

• The participation of Bachelor and Master degree students in research and innovation projects of appropriate profile/ Higher educational institutions of Uzbekistan should be not only the base for training of qualified personnel, but also for the organization of scientific activity;

• The employment of trained graduates in the enterprises sector with the introduction of innovations to meet the needs of the market/ Developing and updating a database on scientific and technological problems of enterprises.

• The direction of those graduate theses and dissertations of qualifying to the particular problems of the enterprises.


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