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BELARUSIAN STATE UNIVERSITY is looking for partners

Information about the intended TEMPUS project «Improving practical trainings in the use of solar energy»

The overall objective is to raise the education level of the target groups on the base of the Integrated Training Platform (ITP) in the field of photovoltaic (PV) electricity production which will allow:

 to improve/modernise laboratory classes (equipment/software, didactic materials), knowledge, and training level,

 to develop sustainable educational and human links between target universities,

 to make dissemination of the gained achievements and experience related to photovoltaics after implementation of the project.

To achieve this overall objective the following tasks will be solved:

1. The designing of compatible/unified teaching/learning approaches directed on improving the level of attainment and training/retraining of teachers and students in the target universities in the field of PV electricity production and usage;

2. The development of the ITP compatible with the designed teaching/ learning approaches which includes:

- the compatible methodological base (teaching/learning methods, didactic materials for practical/virtual laboratory experiments);

- the compatible educational equipment for execution of practical training sessions;

- the compatible/unified software for execution of virtual experiments.

3. The development of Web site with Electronic Library for dissemination of knowledge in the use of solar energy, new approaches to education in this field and also deliverables of the Project.

4. Transfer of Project deliverables (compatible teaching/learning methods and didactic materials, teaching software, etc.) through a system of training-seminars, summer schools, conferences/exhibitions between the participants.

5. To test new teaching/learning approaches and practical/virtual laboratory classes, and to tune them, if necessary.

Project proposal/description (expected outcomes etc.):

Many of EU States and Partner Countries have no sufficient amounts of their own energy resources and also faced with a problem of environment pollutions. So they need to develop the reasonable energy consumption (to decrease their costs for the purchased gas/oil products without lowering their living standards), to intensify the usage of clean (renewable) energy resources for production of electrical and its use in everyday life.

But to expand this work, it is necessary to resolve the problem common for the most of non-EU States – the underdevelopment of infrastructure needed for the above mentioned intensification of use of renewable, in particular, solar energy.

To promote the development of this infrastructure for resolving the above-mentioned problem it is necessary to increase number of specialists skill in this field and also to create conditions making profitable the use of solar energy in the target regions. Therefore the enhancement of educational component for solving the above mentioned infrastructural problem becomes highly essential.

The improving education and dissemination of information to the people should include not only the use of theoretical description of new renewable/clean energy methods but also should be supported by practical training sessions at different levels (both experimental and virtual!). So to enhance the education level in this field, the partner universiies should improve their educational basis for practical training in the field of the use of solar energy. The exchange by knowledge between them allows to share expertise in order to improve quality of higher education in context of solar energy usage.

The main expected results of the Project implementation:

1. The developed ITP as integral, logically valid system of new unified/compatible teaching/learning approaches, educational equipment and software for practical and virtual experiments allowing to make training of academic staff, teachers, students and therefore to improve education in the target universities in the declared field. The unified methodological approaches (compatible study programs, teaching/learning methods, didactic materials, methodological guides) and tools (educational equipment for practical work sessions and software for virtual experiments) will synergistically intensify mutual experience of the target groups and therefore result in raising their educational basis and level for effective training/retraining of the specialists in the field of the production and use of PV-based electricity.

2. Transfer of knowledge between the target groups due to:

- exchange of experience between the target universities;

- training/retraining seminars involving academic staff/teachers for the operation of the developed ITP and exchange by their knowledge and experience;

- conferences/summer schools for presentation of the created ITP and training of students and teachers between all Partners.

The joint efforts of the Partners result in the improvement of educational basis in the target groups that will favor the development of infrastructure needed for the intensification of the use of renewable/clean sources and energy saving technologies and hereupon give real economical benefits to the States of Consortium.

Previous international experience:

BSU has experience in implementation of some TEMPUS projects including the 4 projects running now (since 2012).

Please contact:

Prof. Alexander Fedotov, Head of Chair, Chair of Energy Physics

Belarusian State University, Nezavisimosti av., 4, 220030 Minsk, Rep. of BELARUS

tel. 375-17-2095451, mobile 375-29-6277495, fax 375-17-2095445

e-mail: fedotov@bsu.by, Akf1942@gmail.com


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