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HRFORUM is looking for partners

1. Main field of activities of your institution:

HR Forum personnel management association is Ukraine’s biggest platform of human recourse professionals, aimed to increase the value and competitiveness of HR profession. As a non-profit organization we exist to protect, develop and strengthen HR area in Ukraine, this way enhancing our competitive capabilities in the world. For more details, go to www.hrforum.ua.

2. Information about the intended TEMPUS project:

We invite universities to partner with us in common realization of a project “Reforming higher education in the sphere of human resources management: implementation of the standards and professional certification”

3. Project proposal/description:

Current Situation

The importance of human resource as a means of ensuring sustained growth for any organization is the fundamental strength on which all strategies are based in the contemporary business world.

Despite the growing strategic importance of the HR direction in Ukraine, no single national standards of HR profession exist. As a result – there are no educational standards for specialized majors in HEI which would allow preparing specialists of international level and take into account the needs of labor market.

At the same time, no national certification framework in the field of personnel management exist that would guarantee quality of services to the employer and be available to the public. One of the options which often serve an alternative to such systems is international certification. However, due to a number of existing barriers (language, financial, cultural, etc.), very few HR-specialists in Ukraine do get international certification.

As follows, our market is in dire need of qualification standards which would address the needs of the labor market, take into account international standards and provide clear and understandable scenario for training professional experts in Ukraine. In our opinion, the proposed project would not only solve the existing problem of training specialists for one of the most demanded profession in Ukriane, but also enhance the competitiveness of Ukrainian companies in the world and accelerate the integration of Ukraine into the European Union.

Sources of information gathering

- Results of international studies in the field of personnel management conducted by EAPM (European Association of People Management)

- Results of Ukrainian studies in the field of personnel management “HRFORUM”.

Aim of the project

Increase the competitiveness of Ukrainian companies through the use of advanced technologies in the field of human resource management by implementing educational standards and professional certification for HR-specialists in Ukraine.


- Adaptation of international human resource management standards in Ukraine (based on examples of European countries, including Eastern Europe)

- Implementation of educational standards for preparing HR professionals with Bachelor and Master academic degrees

- Training and retraining of teachers, based on the standards;

- Establishing a system of continuous professional development of teachers and updating standards 6o meet the needs of labor market and existing international practices;

- Introduction of a mechanism for certification of existing HR-specialists based on universities participating in the project;

- Establishing international cooperation between Ukrainian HEI and leading European universities, professional associations and business institutions.

Expected outcomes

- Developed and implemented national standards of HR profession in Ukraine

- Modernized program for training HR professionals with Bachelor and Master academic degrees

- Implemented a mechanism for certification of HR specialists at the national level

- The number and quality of trained professionals meets the needs of the market

Project KPIs

- Number of higher educational institutions that have implemented the standards

- Number of trained teachers

- Number of certified professionals

Please contact: (person, position, e-mail, skype, tel etc.)

Andriy Nikolov, Strategic director, HRFORUM personnel management association an@hrforum.ua


Skype: andriy.nikolov

Iryna Koval, Executive director, HRFORUM personnel management association, ik@hrforum.ua


Skype: Irynakoval1


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