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Partnership search-Donetsk National Technical University

1. Name of your university/institution/industry or company interested in participating in TEMPUS project:

Donetsk National Technical University (DonNTU)

2. Main field of activities of your institution:

Donetsk National Technical University (DonNTU) was created in 1921, today being one of the leading technical universities in Ukraine. It is a large R&D center, based on principles of coherence of scientific activities and teaching process quality improvement. University consists of 6 institutes and 25 faculties, providing educational services to approximately 28000 students. Research and education activities of DonNTU are aimed at such industries as coal mining, metallurgy, heavy machinery, ICT. University also includes the Institute of Economics and Management.

3. Information about the intended TEMPUS project:

We are looking forward to cooperation in both Joint Projects aimed at modernization of curricula in academic disciplines (due to the specialization of our University and national priorities) and Structural Measures Projects.

4. Project proposal/description:

We are particularly interested in forming a consortium for realization of the structural measures project, which main purpose would be the formation of efficient institutional and legislative basis for Distance Learning in Ukraine.

5. Previous international experience:

DonNTU is a member of 22 international organizations, among which the UNESCO International Centre for Engineering Education and the European Society for Engineering Education. DonNTU has partner relations in scientific and educational spheres with about 147 educational institutions from all over the world and 30 foreign enterprises. Among the examples of efficient international cooperation are German Technical Faculty, created in 1992 in cooperation with Magdeburg Otto von Guericke University (Magdeburg, Germany) under the support of the “Siemens” company and DAAD and an authorized centre for learning and research in automation of production processes, created in 2008 in cooperation with “Schneider Electric” corporation.

DonNTU has an experience of participation in 6 TEMPUS projects. The most recent are:

TEMPUS UM_JEP - 27085-2006 (COIN) “Establishment of mechanism of cooperation and interaction between universities and industry at the regional level as an element of development strategy of universities” (beneficiary organization - University of Lodz (Poland));

TEMPUS СD-JEP 27238-2006 “Development of cooperation between universities and enterprises in the Eastern Ukraine for teaching of economics and management” (beneficiary organization - Universite Pierre Mendes Grenoble (France));

TEMPUS 144641-TEMPUS-1-2008-1-FITEMPUS-JPCR (INTOUR) “International networking for modernization of tourism education and developing academic mobility” (beneficiary organization - Savonia University of Applied Sciences (Finland)).

Please, contact:

dr. Eduard Pavlysh (International Business Activities department)

e-mail: eduard.pavlysh@iic.dgtu.donetsk.ua

dr. Lyudmila Shabalina (International Business Activities department)

e-mail: luda_2270@mail.ru


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