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Lviv Academy of Commerce is looking for partners

Lviv Academy of Commerce (LAC) is an educational institution of IV accreditation level with about 200-year history. The work of the institution is aimed at improvement of higher education, establishing modern system of methodological and information providing of consumer cooperation, moving to the dynamic system of specialists’ preparation. There are about 372 lecturers, including 5 academics, 44 doctors of sciences and professors, 202 candidates of sciences and associate professors, more than 6000 students at the Academy. Academy has five educational buildings, a library with more than 500000 titles, four student hostels, computer center with laboratories.

There are 5 institutes and 5 faculties in LAC, which train bachelors, specialists and master students.

LAC has its educational complex “Academy” having colleges, technical and specialized schools, and over 30 Lviv secondary schools as its members. The structure of LAC also includes scientific-research laboratories, business-centre “Intereconomy”, centres of business English and French, publishing house and employment agency.

Academy has recently started cooperation with several higher educational and research  institutions of Ukraine, Russia, Byelorussia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Austria, Hungary, France, Germany, Poland. The aim of the contacts – exchange of teacher-professor faculty and students, introduction of joint curricula and methodological materials on economy of business, management, auditing, marketing, banking and humanitarian sciences.

Interests for cooperation:

- Modernization of curricula

- Development of study programmes with a double degree

- Knowledge triangle

- Quality of education

- Partnership with enterprises

- Life-long learning

- Methodological support for multilevel education

- Establishment of sustainable structures for quality assurance

- Introduction of common projects in the field of cooperative movement

- Quality of International student mobility

Contact person: Tetyana Shtanko, Head of Department of International Relations and Strategic Development, Br. Tershakivtsiv Str.  № 2-a/521 Lviv, 79000  Ukraine, tshtanko@gmail.com, tel:       +380322444018; +380322756550; cell +380673741427


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