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Interdisciplinary Institute for Training and Retraining of Specialists is looking for partners

Main field of activities of your institution:

Interdisciplinary Institute for Training and Retraining of Specialists is a leading center of further education for adults in the Poltava region. Director of the Institute is Igor Britchenko, Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Chief of the Department of Economics, Business and Management. He received the degree of Doctor of Economic Sciences in the European Union (Greece).

The Institute provides:

• Training, retraining and professional skills upgrading methods of teaching in higher education;

• Wide range of postgraduate studies which is presented by so-called “second higher education” ( international economics, finance and credit, accounting and auditing, business economics, marketing and management organizations;

• Retraining of personnel with higher and secondary specialized education;

• Professional skills upgrading for specialists with higher and secondary specialized education;

• Educational courses and seminars on request of organizations and citizens, corporative education, trainings.

We cooperate with more than 500 education institutions, providing and organizing professional skills upgrading for their specialists. Teaching process is supplied with all necessary resources: personnel, material and technical, methodological and didactic. Innovative techniques and methods as well as modern teaching technologies are widely used. Institute teaching staff includes doctors and professors, candidates of sciences and associate professors. Among the teachers of our Institute are ethnic Greeks who were born in Ukraine and were founded in Poltava Greek society. Furthermore, they are fluent in Greek, confirmed there degree in the Greek authorities.

The Institute is equipped with 8 specialized classrooms, 2 laboratories, including more than 60 computers, 5 multimedia installations. Innovative technologies and information training facilities are widely used in the educational process; distance learning technologies are used also.

State certificates and diplomas of a standard pattern are issued to the course participants after successful pass of qualification or State examinations.

Information about the intended project:

We are interested to participate as a partner in all projects that are connected with providing different postgraduate studies or educational courses and seminars; partner relationships with enterprises, universities and other organizations; at the development of research, innovation implementations in the educational process; education during life in society.

Please contact:

Igor Britchenko/Игорь Геннадьевич Бритченко, ibritchenko@gmail.com, www.mipk.uccu.org.ua, tel. +38-067-711-37-66, fax: +38-0532-56-08-88

Tania Olshantseva/Татьяна Ольшанцева, taniaolsh@gmail.com, www.mipk.uccu.org.ua, tel. +38-050-700-79-45, fax: +38-0532-56-08-88


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