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ENPI-funded ‘Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Poland - Belarus - Ukraine 2007-2013’ (PBU CBC)

The launch conference of the ENPI-funded ‘Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Poland - Belarus - Ukraine 2007-2013’ (PBU CBC) served as a “launch pad for operational network-based cooperation among regions” involved in the programme, according to the latest edition of its newsletter, ‘The Crossborderer’.

The conference took place in Lviv in Ukraine. The newsletter said the aim of the event was to introduce a plethora of opportunities offered to potential applicants by the EU through the cross-border programme and acquaint the applicants with the Programme priorities and measures. The conference brought together government officials from Poland, Ukraine and Belarus as well as interested representatives of NGOs, state organizations and public bodies of the participating countries.

The newsletter also announced the results of the 1st Call of registered proposals, saying it had attracted 306 project applications, and that quality evaluation would follow in the coming months. It also presented a new ‘Partner Search Web Platform’ available on the Programme’s website, together with the database link to the list of organisations in Partner Countries interested in submitting proposals under ENPI CBC calls.

The newsletter highlighted the programme’s forward planning, including the 2010 Annual Work Programme. Among its past activities it reported on trainings for the large scale projects with partners from all participating countries in Poland, and trainings in the six cities of Western Ukraine and in the capital of Belarus with a total of 457 participants.

The PBU CBC Programme is one of the two cross border programmes in the ENPI East managed by EU member state Poland. The total Programme budget is €202.9 million. The implementation period is November 2008 till December 2016. (ENPI Info Centre)

"The Crossborderer" - Newsletter No 2 http://www.pl-by-ua.eu/upload/en/Crossborderer%202.pdf

PBU CBC Programme – website http://www.pl-by-ua.eu/


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