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Як Ви ставитеся до Болонського процесу в Україні?

Promoting student self-government: from the post-Soviet to the European model

НТО в Україні продовжує поширювати інформацію про минулі проекти Темпус.

TEMPUS: “Promoting student self-government: from the post-Soviet to the European model (STUGOV)”.

Name of the project: “Promoting student self-government: from the post-Soviet to the European model (STUGOV)”

Number of the project: TEMPUS PROGRAMME SM_SCM-T0337A06-2006

As the result of conducting the project it is possible to state the achievement of the following objectives:

• As the result of conducting the summer school for leaders of student self-government bodies and due to that participants of the project have made series of publications the information about European self-government systems in a number of EU countries was distributed among the student self-government representatives of Ukrainian Universities aiming at its further implementation with reference to Ukrainian realia;

• As a result of variety of sociological surveys (mass poll, focused group interviews, complete poll of student leaders, analysis of normative documents of different countries) a comparative analysis that shows the attitude towards student self-government among different academic groups (University students, University administration, University staff ) has been conducted at the Universities of Ukraine and Latvia, the basic results of which were announced to the members of student self-governments of these countries higher education establishments;

• While preparing discussion materials for summer school participants and as a result of analysis of the material considered at school meetings a comparative analysis of normative base and models of student self-government in Ukraine, Germany and Latvia has been held, the main points of which were used in 2007 and 2008 during the revision of guidelines for improvement of normative and legal base in order to control activities of student self-government in Ukraine that are directed to the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine;

• During summer school guidelines for improvement of legislative base of Ukraine in the field of student self-government control were drawn up and improved later on as a result of sociological surveys and add up by training in Germany and particularly concerning the promotion of student self-government in Ukraine, adaptation of European models of student self-government applied to higher education system of Ukraine;

• On the basis of summer school materials analysis and the results of sociological surveys with the active assistance of Ukrainian Universities student self-government bodies leaders measures for democratization of student self-government at Ukrainian higher education establishments were developed;

• A web-site has been developed and created which currently provides information concerning the given project, its basic activity, materials concerning bodies of student self-government of various Ukrainian Universities, Baltic International Academy (Latvia) and Erlangen Nuremberg Friedrich Alexander University (Germany); extracts and translations from legislative base in the field of student self-government control of EU countries. The electronic address has been given to the student self-government leaders of Ukrainian Universities suggesting them to provide different kind of materials concerning promoting student self-government with the purpose of their further distribution on the web-site. Today the web-site, constantly supported by Kharkiv National Karazin University, is one of the main instruments of post project activity in the field of promoting student self-government in Ukraine, it serves as a discussion and experimental ground for considering new ideas, exchanging the results of student self-government performance, it is a basis for holding higher educational establishments student conferences and used for distributing the principles of Bologna process among students;

• As the result of conducting the summer school in Ukraine, training-course in Germany and the final seminar in Ukraine there has been a multilateral exchange of experience in the field of student self-government between leaders of many Ukrainian Universities student self-governments and leaders and experts from Latvia and Germany.

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