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Як Ви ставитеся до Болонського процесу в Україні?

The Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine is looking for partners

1. Name of your university interested in participating in ERASMUS PLUS project:

State Higher Educational Institution “The Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine” (in Sumy, Ukraine). Web-site:

2. Main field of activities of your institution:

The Ukrainian Academy of Banking is a major educational institution within the structure of the National Bank of Ukraine. It is a state-owned specialized higher educational institution training specialists for the banking and financial sphere. Today the Academy trains experts ("Bachelor", "Specialist", "Master") in the following specialities: “Finance”, ”Banking”, ”Accounting and audit”, ”Management”, “International Economics”, ”Law”, “Economic Cybernetics”, “Financial and Economic security”. According to its status our university, besides educational activity, is engaged in scientific work, improvement of professional skills of banks’ and other financial institutions’ personnel, post-graduate training. The Academy has become the center of research and methodical complex with multi-level training, the structure of which also includes banking institutes of the National Bank’s system. The direct ties with the National Bank are conducive to the organization of educational process, scientific development and development of our university as a whole.

It has significant scientific and research potential - 75 per cent of its faculty are candidates and doctors of sciences. The Academy has the functioning post-graduate and doctoral courses, a scientific center and a specialized scientific board for the evaluation of candidates’ and doctors’ dissertations. The Academy’s scientists are engaged in the fundamental research, the areas of which are determined by the priorities of the National Bank of Ukraine, international projects, regional theoretical and practical studies. Systematically the Academy organizes international conferences and forums for scholars in economics, finance, banking and corporate governance.

2700 students study at the Academy. It has three educational buildings with the total area of 35.000 square meters, the Scientific Library of the Academy (multifunctional educational, information, scientific and socio-cultural center with the modern state of the art equipment and a range of innovative technologies, "Information Center of the European Union" and the "Polish-Ukrainian center"), a big modern conference center (a conference hall with 230 seats), a multimedia center, a publishing center, a modern sports complex (has an official status of an Olympic training center), medical center and a modern hotel.

3. Information about the intended ERASMUS+KA2 project:

The main principle of the development strategy of the Academy’s international activity is the bringing of its educational process in line with the European/international standards as a basis for the integration of educational, scientific and cultural spheres in the international educational space.

The Ukrainian Academy of Banking is seeking relations with partners abroad for cooperation in the field of education and teaching modern banking, market management and the management of finance and credit activity and for participation in the joint scientific projects. Specifically, the Academy is seeking cooperation in the following areas:

- visits to the Academy by foreign professors and experts in the area of economics to deliver lessons, and to participate in conferences, symposia and seminars;

- joint research activities at the level of individual professors, departments, faculties or universities in general;

- joint publication of textbooks and manuals on banking, finance, currency market activities, investment activities, international management and marketing;

- opportunities for its students to undertake practical training or short-term training courses abroad;

- development of lifelong learning in society at large Qualifications frameworks;

- organization of small training courses and practical experience in foreign companies and economic educational institutions for its teachers and post-graduates;

- partnership programs with higher educational institutions abroad for the organization of student exchanges between universities, the participation of its own professors in the "summer schools" or specialized courses for students from foreign partner universities;

- opportunities for the Academy’s professors to share their scientific, practical and educational experience with students and lecturers from partner institutions abroad (organization of training courses, lectures, workshops, exchange of experience).

4. Project proposal/description:

Changes in the Academy’s educational process - modernization of curricula with economic disciplines, introduction of innovative methods and experiences of the European universities to bring the educational processes at the Academy closer to the European/international standards of education in the teaching of economic disciplines, using the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), Knowledge triangle: Education - Innovation - Research; the recognition of degrees and development of study programs with a double degree.

5. Previous international experience:

The Ukrainian Academy of Banking cooperates with higher educational institutions from Ukraine and more than 40 foreign universities specializing in economics, finance, banking and management. The programs of exchanges/practical training of students, post-graduate and faculty are successfully realized with the University of Applied Sciences of the Deutsche Bundesbank in Hachenburg (Germany), The Poznan School of Banking, Faculty in Chorzow (Poland), Banking Institute/College of Banking (Czech Republic), Second University of Naples (Italy). Together with the Linnaeus University (Sweden) a project of a double Bachelor diploma is being implemented within the project "Eastern European Linnжus Link Project in Business Administration" (EELL). Within the framework of the Fulbright program the American professor delivered lectures in economics to the Academy’s students for 42 consecutive days. Also, the Academy became a member of the Black Sea University Network (BSUN). The Academy has a functioning "International Center for Banking and Corporate Governance" and the "International Center for the Research of the Theory and Practice of Insurance", which contribute to the collaboration with other scientific centers of the world. The Academy’s professors are heads of the editorial boards of such international scientific publications as "Problems and Perspectives in Management", "Investment Management and Financial Innovations", "Insurance Markets and Companies: Analyses and Actuarial Computations", "Banks and Bank Systems", "Innovative Marketing", "Environmental Economics", "Public and Municipal Finance", "Journal of Governance and Regulation", "Risk Governance and Control: Financial Markets & Institutions", "Corporate Board: role, duties and composition", "Corporate Ownership and Control", "Herald of the Ukrainian Academy of Banking", "Problems and development perspectives of the banking system of Ukraine", "Legal herald of the Ukrainian Academy of Banking", as well as "World outlook – Philosophy – Religion".

The Academy annually conducts international conferences and forums for scholars in economics, finance, banking and corporate governance.

Please contact: Tetiana Semenenko, PhD, Director of Scientific Center

Tel.: +38(0542)665-089, Fax: +38(0542)665-114

Serhiy Khvostov, Leading Specialist of Scientific Center, Tel.: +38(0542)665-058, Fax: +38(0542)665-114


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