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Як Ви ставитеся до Болонського процесу в Україні?

Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University (Ukraine) is looking for Erasmus Plus partners

Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University (Ukraine) is looking for Erasmus Plus partners

1. Name of your university interested in participating in project:

Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University (Lugansk, Ukraine)

2. Main field of activities of your institution: educational, methodological and scientific work, international cooperation.

The University comprises 22 institutes and faculties. The University holds a total of 28100 students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral levels on 124 specialties (widest range in Ukraine), including Electrical Power Systems and International Economics. The University welcomes foreign students, which accounted for a total of 1120 students. It also has 1440 faculty members including 184 professors. Since 2003 lifelong learning programs have been developed at our university within the Institute for Lifelong Learning and Distance Education. Crimea department on Black Sea shore consists of branches with recreation opportunities. University web-site:

3. Information about the intended project:

Our university are willing to actively participate in the preparation of the project application on Higher Education and Society themes blocks (Development of partnerships with businesses and Development of lifelong learning in society at large).

Title of project: Development of distance education in the sphere of management of Electrical Power Systems as part of lifelong learning through development of partnerships with businesses.

4. Project proposal/description:

Industry in post-soviet countries has low energy efficiency and personnel on this plants has lack of energy saving knowledge and skills. On the other hand this staff haven’t time for being discontinued professional development and they are in need for virtual mobility tools. Our University for a long time provide education services in the sphere of management and energetics and to develop innovative approaches to teaching and learning. In addition more than 10 years of distance learning developing in the University made it one of the leaders in this field in Ukraine. Close enterprises and HE partnerships to study real-life cases provide an opportunity to organize practically oriented training relevance to labour market. We suppose to organize of distance learning of Ukraine’s plants personnel in the sphere of management of Electrical Power Systems to improving energy efficiency of manufacturing.

Project task: dissemination of distance education for personnel in the sphere of management of Electrical Power Systems to improve the energy efficiency of plants.

Main activity: to use the one of the e-learning open platform such as a Moodle to support and enhance of study and learning in the sphere of management of Electrical Power Systems for the delivery of educational content to trainees from enterprises and plants.

We need for EU’s innovative practices both in Electrical Power Systems and sphere of pedagogical methodologies (including distance education and ICT). On the other hand, we have a highly skilled Tempus project management team. Experts in the areas of energetics, education and management from our Institute of Economics and Faculty of Electrical Systems willing to participate in the preparation of application for funding.

5. Previous international experience:

Our European Projects Team has experience managing of the following Tempus projects:

1. CD-JEP-23125-2002 “Training specialists in European Studies”.

2. 144641-TEMPUS-2008-FI-JPCR ”International networking for modernization of tourism education and developing academic mobility (INTOUR)”.

Please contact: Yuriy Dyachenko, Head of Centre of European and American Studies,

e-mail:, tel.: +380(50)558-15-03.


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