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Як Ви ставитеся до Болонського процесу в Україні?


Develop training programs on «Ecological Security of household drinking water of Kyrgyzstan" for specialty chemistry, ecology, biology and medicine

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The aim of the project

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The problem of drinking water affects many aspects of life in human society throughout the history of its existence. Nowadays, drinking water - a problem of the social, political, medical, geographical, as well as engineering andeconomics.

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Drinking water - water that meets in their quality in their natural state or after processing (cleaning, disinfection) with the regulatory requirements and is intended for drinking and household needs of the person or for the manufacture of food products. We are talking about the requirements for aggregate properties and composition of the water in which it has no adverse effects on human health when it is used, and when used for hygienic purposes, and in the manufacture of food products.

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The toxicity of the components is not large enough to cause acute poisoning, but prolonged use of water containing the substances in concentrations above regulatory, may develop chronic intoxication, leading ultimately to a particular pathology. Keep in mind also that the toxic effects of substances can occur not only when you receive them with water inside, but also by sucking through the skin in the process of hygiene (shower, bath) or recreation (swimming pools) procedures.

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Because drinking water is consumed internally and meets the quality criteria - that is water safe and pleasant to the taste. Therefore, virtually any water, both from underground and open-source needs to be cleaned.

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So we need to develop training programs for chemists, biologists, ecologists and physicians. Students should learn about the suitability of water for drinking and household needs to evaluate the quality of water by means of chemical and microbiological analysis.

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The project has the theoretical and experimental value. On the first stage we explore the quality of drinking water of Kyrgyzstan. On the second stage we develop the research textbook for students of chemists, ecologists, biologists and physicians. And we will develop training programs on Environmental Security of household drinking water of Kyrgyzstan for specialty chemistry, ecology, biology and medicine.

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