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Як Ви ставитеся до Болонського процесу в Україні?



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• Jalal-Abad State University (JASU) was founded on April 2, 1993on the basis of already functioning educational institutions:

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• pedagogical school was founded in1926 and zoo veterinary technical school was formed in 1947 (Jalal-Abad city).

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• branches of Frunze polytechnic institute in Kara-Kul were founded in1963; in Tash-Komur was founded in1990;

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• an engineering technical school was founded in1981 (Kochkor-Ata);

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• an electromechanical technical school was founded in 1965(Mailu-Suu).

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Jalal-Abad State University (JASU) is the state higher educational institute and has great experience, traditions of preparing highly qualified specialists in the area of: philology education, natural studies, medicine, electronics, electric power production, andin the fields of industry, agriculture, information technology, industry,agriculture and others. Jalal-Abad State University (JASU) has 10 faculties such as :

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• pedagogical;

• medicine;

• natural studies;

• philology and journalism;

• philology of nations of CIS;

• Social humanities;

• International relations and world languages;

• Economic and business;

• engineering technology;

• information-communicative technology.

Currently 13000 students study at JASU, more than 700 teachers work, incl. 15 doctors of science and professors, and 116 candidates of science and docents. Producing specialists with high education in the following 54 fields and with secondary professional education in 12 fields.

Name of the project proposal: Ensuring the quality of higher education through modernization of the teacher certification system.

The quality of higher education is a key objective of the BOLOGNA PROCESS. For the Kyrgyz Republic urgent task is the formation of mechanisms, procedures, and technologies, which from and provide the level of quality that provides international confidence, including through certification of PPP.

In formation of efficient system of certification of PPP should take into account the fact that the quality of higher education is a dynamic concept in the context of the mission, objectives and goals of the company and the university.

The project is of a theoretical-experimental in nature, has a predictive value and allows you to define the basic directions of modernization of the system of certification of the experts of the university, which helps improve the quality of their training, the reduction of corruption.

Contact person:

Kamchybek Narmatov

Head of the International Relations Office, Jalal-Abad City, Kyrgyz Republic

57 Lenin St, Jalal-Abad city

phone: (+996) (700) 122 188; e-Mail:;

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