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Як Ви ставитеся до Болонського процесу в Україні?

Одеський національний університет ім. І.І. Мечникова

1. Name of university interested in participating in TEMPUS project:

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International name: Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University, Centre “Innovation office”, Ukraine

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National name: Одеський національний університет ім. І.І. Мечникова, Центр «Інноваційний офіс»

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2. Main field of activities of your institution:

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Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University ( educates specialists for 20 departments and 41 specialties. Educational activity is also conducted in the preparation department for foreign citizens, retraining, advanced training and the second higher education are available on the basis of complex “School-college-university”. Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University Centre “Innovation office”( enhances participation of ONU in international projects and programs, develops the suggestion regarding participation in international cooperation in the sphere of intellectual property within the framework of the international programs, projects and professional associations, takes part in execution of these programs and projects.

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3. Information about the intended TEMPUS project:

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Work in following national priorities:

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3.1 For Structural Measures: Higher Education and Society: Knowledge triangle: education, innovation, research, development partnership with enterprises

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3.2 For Joint Projects: Modernization of curricula: Curricula reform including ECTS, 3 cycle and Diploma Recognition

1) Curricula reform in “Medical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry”;

2) Modernisation of curricula and introduction of ECTS, revision of bachelor curricula and existing relevant teaching courses for “Atomic physics” (bachelor level); “Physics of semiconductors and electricians” “Nanophysics” (bachelor and master); medical physics (bachelor);

3) Creation of Master program in “Accounting and Auditing”; Revision of Bachelor curricula and existing relevant teaching courses in “Accounting and Auditing”;

4) Creation of Master program in “Law Science and Human Rights”; Revision of Bachelor curricula and existing relevant teaching courses in “Law Science and Human Rights”;

5) Creation of Master program in “Management and Business Administration”; Revision of Bachelor curricula and existing relevant teaching courses in “Management”;

5. Previous international experience:

The examples of TEMPUS projects:

1. Tempus SCM_T015B05-2005 WIPATH “Workshop for Introduction Practical Approaches for Transforming Higher Education in Ukraine”

2. Tempus “Boosting the knowledge triangle by establishing innovation offices” 159359-2009–ES-JPHES - 3 years, acting

3. Development of the double degree in «Management» speciality with EU institution (Poland) – bachelor level, including curricula design and credit transfer system.

Please contact: Iryna Nyenno, Head of the Centre “Innovation office”,,

skype: Vesna-Leto 2009, tel. +38 050 585 65 74

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